AutoTonic Chords & Scales App DEMO v1.10.222.1 (Win/Mac)
With up to 24,576 scales this realtime MIDI note transposer is to the computer based composer what equalizer and compressor plugins are to the mixing engineer – a tool you won't miss again once you started to use it. Convert simple input notes into highly complex music, with the push of a button. There aren't many things you can do to improve your creativity, but one of them for sure is AutoTonic. So if you're looking for a MIDI chords & scales app, this is the one!

Based on a 'new controller concept'
Based on a patented „Modal Transposing“ technology AutoTonic reinterprets the way of how your keyboard works. AutoTonic is not just a utility tool that keeps your playing in key, it goes far beyond, make any existing MIDI keyboard result in a new instrument. With AutoTonic there is no need to spend hundreds (respectively some charge thousands) of dollars on an exotic musical device -- now you can simply 're-model' your existing MIDI keyboard so it will feel like a complete new controller. Any scale. Any chord. All in realtime. Try it now. You'll be amazed.