Features, features, features ...

This unique note processor is *for the computer based composer/producer* what equalizer and compressor plugins are to the mixing engineer – a tool you won't miss again once you started to use it.

Some of AutoTonic's highlights include:

  1. True Modal Mapping • AutoTonic breaks rules by calculating scales as data sets of modal values, rather than just referring to the static and conventional music theory declarations and norms.
  2. 24,576 Scales feasible • That doesn't just sound like a lot – it really is. AutoTonic allows to logically map ANY scale that exists in Western Tonal Music. Yes, that is a first too.
  3. Black Keys Key Switching • Use the black keys as function toggles to change your playing in realtime, positioned at the closest possible point to the white keys, right at your fingertips.
  4. Built-in Music Theory Database • AutoTonic includes "a no compromise", fully customizable music theory database with over 500+ pre-declared scale records from all around the world.
  5. Maximum Compatibility • By not being hosted within another software (eg, as a plugin within your DAW) AutoTonic is a 'global tool' compatible with any other MIDI gear, and that's beneficial …
  6. Chord Memorizer/Stacking • It also includes one of the most unique chord memorizers around. Based on a 'binary method' you can freely assign any chord pattern of up to 52 intervals.
  7. Linear keyboard playing • AutoTonic reinterprets any existing MIDI keyboard like a new/different controller surface, making it result in a completely futuristic 'instrument' on its own.
  8. Crisp clear user interface • The UI is where AutoTonic really shines (literally). Its semiotically well organized design is result of years of hard work and performance analysis.

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