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AutoTonic Modal Midi Transposer

AutoTonic Logo Makes your keyboard work like a new instrument.

With AutoTonic’s patented modal mapping method, your familiar MIDI keyboard becomes an entirely new instrument. Experience the evolution of musical instruments without the need for new gear. Explore new harmonics with AutoTonic.

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Modal MIDI Transposer


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AutoTonic is a standalone MIDI note processor that dynamically assigns any musical scale to the white keys of your keyboard. At the same time, the black keys act as functional switches, enabling you to toggle between different scales in real-time. Discover new musical scales effortlessly just by playing on the white keys.

Scales (2048x12)
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Scale Declarations
Years in the making
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AutoTonic Logo

The ultimate real-time note transposer.

AutoTonic is for the computer-based musician what equalizer and compressor are to the mixing engineer – a tool you won't miss again once you've started using it, making your keyboard work like a new instrument.

True Modal Mapping

AutoTonic breaks rules by calculating scales as data sets of modal values, rather than just referring to the static and conventional music theory declarations and norms.

24,576 Scales feasible

That doesn't just sound like a lot – it really is. AutoTonic allows to logically map ANY scale that exists in Western Tonal Music. Yes, that is a first too. (2048 scales x 12 tonics)

Black Keys Key Switching

A patented method allows to use the black keys as function toggle to change mappings in realtime, positioned at the closest possible point to the white keys, right at your fingertips.

Built-in Music Theory Database

AutoTonic includes "a no compromise", fully customizable music theory database with over 500+ pre-declared scale records from all around the world.

Maximum Compatibility

By not being hosted within another software (eg, as a plugin within your DAW) AutoTonic is 100% compatible with any other MIDI gear or DAW etc, without compromises or plugin format resctrictions

Chord Memorizer/Stacking

It also includes one of the most unique chord memorizers around. Based on a 'binary method' you can freely assign any chord pattern of up to 52 intervals.

Linear keyboard playing

AutoTonic reinterprets any existing MIDI keyboard like a new/different controller surface, making it result in a completely futuristic 'instrument' on its own.

Crisp clear user interface

The UI is where AutoTonic really shines (literally). Its semiotically well organized design is result of years of hard work and performance analysis.

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The ultimate songwriting companion.

AutoTonic is simple.

AutoTonic transposes your signals, showing your actions on the lower keyboard. You play on white keys, with black keys for scale-switching. The upper keyboard shows the output. It’s your creativity, simplified and amplified by AutoTonic.

AutoTonic is powerful.

Transpose simple notes into intricate melodies at the push of a button. No need for expensive, exotic gear – AutoTonic redefines your MIDI keyboard. Boost your creativity today, as if struck by a lightning of musical genius.

AutoTonic Modal Midi Transposer Gear Compatibility Overview

Compatible with all DAW's.

Step beyond the norm of plugins. Embrace the versatility of standalone processing, especially for real-time tasks. With a global reach, AutoTonic opens up complex routing possibilities and ensures compatibility with all MIDI gear out there.

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What Industry Experts say about AutoTonic

AutoTonic User Anthony j Resta
Anthony J. Resta
Multiplatinum awared L.A.-based Composer/Producer/Multi-Instrumentalist
Involvements w/ Twilight, Scary Movie 3, Dawson's Creek, Elton John, Blondie, etc, More at IMDb Anthony J. Resta Discography Follow Anthony J. Resta on Instagram
AutoTonic User John Paesano Hollywood
John Paesano
L.A.-based composer (2x Oscar nominated, 1x Annie Award Winner)
Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes, Maze Runner, Tesla, All Eyez on Me, Same Kind of Different as Me, Daredevil, "Spider-Man" the Game (multiple), Detroit: Become Human, Gran Turismo Sport, Mass Effect: Andromeda, etc. Universal Pictures, Lionsgate Films, 20th Century FOX, Marvel, IFC Films, Sony Interactive Entertainment, etc. More at IMDb John Paesano Filmo-/Biography
AutoTonic User Yes Jon Anderson
Jon Anderson
English-American Grammy-winning, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee Singer and Songwriter
Lead Singer of 80s band "Yes", Writer of "Owner of a Lonely Heart" Jon's music has sold more than 50 million albums worldwide! Jon Anderson on Wikipedia Jon Talks About Writing "Owner of a Lonely Heart" YES - Owner of a Lonely Heart (Official Music Video)
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Modal MIDI Transposer

Discover the magic of AutoTonic firsthand. Explore real-time MIDI transposing like never before, effortlessly shaping scales, chords, and cadences with your keyboard. Makes your keyboard work like a new instrument. Unlock a new method of controlling your keyboard that will revolutionize your workflow. Try the demo today and unleash your creativity. Your journey begins here.