AutoTonic makes your keyboard work like a new instrument!

AutoTonic for Win and Mac virtually reinterprets any MIDI keyboard, to optimise its existing design logic and make it work like a new instrument. Its patented modal mapping method and streamlined UI concept defines a new generation of controller concept in the evolution of musical keyboards/keyed instruments. Get in touch with new harmonics …

AutoTonic is simple

There are *input signals* ... and there are *output signals*. In between your signal gets altered (transposed). The bottom keyboard represents the input section. Here is where your actual finger actions is shown. With AutoTonic you play on white keys only, the black keys become function toggles instead – to switch scales in realtime, while playing. The upper keyboard represents the output section, here gets displayed what the output mapping results in and what notes are currently triggered.

AutoTonic is powerful

Convert simple input notes into highly complex music, with the push of a button. With AutoTonic there is no need to spend hundreds (respectively some charge thousands) of dollars on an exotic musical device -- now you can simply 're-model' your existing MIDI keyboard so it will feel like a complete new controller. There aren't many things you can do to improve your creativity, but one of them for sure is AutoTonic. So if you're looking for a cool new MIDI transposer, this is the one!

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